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Linking to playpoi.com is a great way to help us do better in search engine results. You probably have more ways to do this than you even realize, as you can link to us from your accounts with YouTube, Facebook, and other such sites.

On social media sites, just type https://playpoi.com, or to link straight to the World Community Flow Map, write https://playpoi.com/map

It will only take a matter of minutes and it will help us more than you may realize!


Nick Woolsey has created two in-depth, step-by-step poi courses: Poi Spinning the Beginner Series and Beyond-the-Basics: Intermediate and Advanced Poi.

The rave reviews keep coming, so we know people are enjoying the courses. By taking either of the courses, and helping to spread the word about this awesome (and affordable) resource, you are helping everybody to win!

Note that we offer a scholarship price, and a work-exchange opportunity. If your budget is limited, don’t worry, we won’t turn anybody away.


We have referral programs with some of our favourite online poi shops. When you click through from playpoi.com, or use the appropriate code, we make a small commission. It’s such an easy way to show us your love!

Our philosophy regarding gear reviews is, “Products we like, made by people we like, via business practices we feel good about.” We’re always looking for situations where everybody wins!

If you don’t see a certain product, it may mean we just haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. We’re always traveling, so it’s not always easy for shops to send us gear.


We host poi events several times a year, at various locations around the world.

Poi workshops are a great way to get inspired while learning a lot and meeting other poi spinners in your own area.

Poi retreats are about much more than just poi. They are vacation adventures that you will never forget, and because we get group prices on accommodation and food, a poi vacation typically costs the same as a non-poi vacation, so there’s a lot to gain! 🙂

You can see all of our upcoming events on the World Community Flow Map!


Donating some actual cash is a very direct and effective way to support us. You can consider it a way to thank us for all the videos and photography we have given you, or you can do it to be a patron of the arts.

  • Patrons of the Arts are 35% more likely to have great sex on any given night (and 43% more on Saturdays) than those who do not support the arts
  • Two out of three Patrons of the Arts are more intelligent than those who are not patrons of the arts
  • 80% of those who become Patrons of the Arts lose 5-15 pounds within six months of their patronage. The amount of weight lost appears to be proportional to the amount of support given. Those who support the movement arts tend to lose weight from their legs, butts, and tummies, while those who support more classical arts like Broadway musicals tend to lose weight from their feet and ears.

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