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Fall Lineup of LIVE and ONLINE poi courses!

A'ight! A brilliant plan for Fall 2014 poi adventuring is emerging! 

Starting September 21st I will be offering a 10-week ONLINE beginner poi course and a 13-week ONLINE Beyond-The-Basics poi course. I am hoping some people will take the initiative to form LIVE GROUPS to follow along with the online courses. If you want to help form such a group, please send me a message

Meanwhile, in Vancouver I am offering LIVE poi courses! Both a 10-week beginner series and a 10-week Beyond-the-Basisc Series

If this goes well, we'll have the online courses as a shared curriculum, and groups all over the world collaborating to follow along, share ideas, and inspire each other! I will be posting lots of videos with group games and exercises, along with other tips on facilitating and teaching!

As a group leader/facilitator, you can choose how much you wish to teach yourself. I.e. you can simply organize the group meetings and be part of the peer process of following the curriculum, or you can use the curriculum as a starting-point to guide the class yourself. (Note: As a facilitator/teacher you can charge beyond the basic fee to cover any expenses for practice space etc.) 

Stay tuned as details emerge! Meanwhile, use the links above to register for the courses, and the following links to join the Facebook events: 

Improving extended poi circles

Extended circles are one of those things that look beautiful and easy, and yet they're not so easy to make beautiful! Here are some tips :)

Ladies of Tech Poi

Whoohoo! I'm happy to see this! Big props to Elizabeth Knights for putting her time and love into this project :)

Also a huge thanks to Alien Jon for sending me the heads up on the video, and for generally telebeaming brilliant knowledge into my brain on a regular basis, and for just being an awesome person! :)

Smoothing out the 5-beat weave

Here are some tips on smoothing out and beautifying the 5-beat weave. A big thank to Ted Holland for sending me the video question and for supporting the Great Future of Playpoi Campaign! 

Permission to Poi by Smilie

I'm super, super excited to post this video! Smilie shows us some very smooth and flowing tech.

I think I'm just going to take down that More Women of Poi video.... seems I've been out of touch. There are lots of amazing spinners coming out these days, both men and women! 

Thanks Smilie!!!

Katya Radul - Take it Easy

Amazingly this is Katya's first video! Definite Wome of Tech Poi submission material! I also like the choices with the videography, some very cool angles working with the archtecture. 

The New Composite System by Flowtoys: Staff Spinners Rejoice!

Flowtoys has just come out with their Composite System for staffs and wands: Super high quality batons, staffs, contact staffs, and double staffs, all using the same super-bright capsules used in Podpoi. Alien Jon and Jonathan Alveraz let me use their composite staffs during Poi Love Camp and they are saaaaaweet! I recommend GOING TO FLOWTOYS TO CHECK IT OUT! :)

Elizabeth Knights: Flow Game

In this video Elizabeth shows off some inspiring work with rhythm, dance, and poi control. Is bad-ass still a complement? I hope so!

Danza Kuduro: Flow Arts Version :)

One of the perks for the Playpoi Indiegogo Campaign was "Pick a music track and we'll make a poi video with it!" This is the first such video! Sending out big thanks to: 

Danza Kuduro - Flow Arts Version from Playpoi on Vimeo.

Focus on Franziska Neuhause

Franziska Neuhaus has been doing great work combining the arts of poi and cinematography, and it's high time to showcase more of her work on Playpoi! Below are two videos that catch my eye. The second video is super simple yet somehow I really like it!

FairyWings in the Woods, Sony NEX-VG10 and Glidecam HD4000, Switzerland 2011 from Yannick Barthe on Vimeo.

Sunset Flow from Franziska Neuhaus on Vimeo.

Krisztina from Berlin :)

Krisztina sent me a link to this video, showing off some very tight spinning and awesome pirouettes! 

The Looping Videos Project!

Jon and I have another week together in Costa Rica. We're using this time to re-start the LOOPING VIDEO PROJECT! (Ta-daaaaa!)

This project started years ago when Jon, Dan, Tea-Faerie, and I were all here in Costa Rica. We spent the time visioning various useful community resources, including looping videos and a poi community map of the world. 

In 2010 a group of us even videotaped a bunch of loops. The project has been passed around and put on the back-burner many times for various reaons, including troubles with the website. We think looping videos will be useful in at least a couple ways:

1) When embedded along with full-length tutorials, a looping video player will help people see and practice the final pattern, steps towards the final pattern, and variations of the final pattern. (Imagine a looping-video playlist player, which can stay looping on any lead-up as long as you want, and any variation!)

2) When used as amimated-looping-thumbnails, the looping videos will provide a simple and effective way to explain any pattern (no more, what the heck is a swooshy-uppy-thing?) 

Below I've embeded some loops. My question to you: Do you think this can be useful? In the next couple days I will be adding loops to tutorials wherever possible. 

Thanks and stay tuned!

Lily Freestyle Divinitas: Skilled Fire Spinning and Dancing Together

In this video Lily shows how to combine skilled spinning and dancing. Thanks to Nick Haines for showing me this video!

Turning with Straight Planes: Summary of Variations

Summarizing a bunch of ideas during a Poi Love Camp session

Turning with Antispin Opposites: The Rhythm Approach

There are many ways to approach learning antispin flowers. In this video we look at the rhythm approach to antispin opposites.