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Ultimate guide to manifesting poi and learning your first moves!

Poi are easy to make: you just need a weight on a tether, twice. If you’re crafty, there are many ways to make poi at home. If you aren’t crafty, we have advice on...

Exiting Orbitals and Hyperloops

The video explains it all. Watch the longer video, then watch the slow motion video until it all makes sense.

Hyperloops! The in-depth guide!

If you take a step-by-step approach to hyperloops, you will most likely get there! Below is an in-depth video, followed by a quick review of the steps, and then a...

10-pointed antispin buzzsaw flower, in-depth

This is my favourite antispin buzzsaw flower. I think it’s got the nicest flow, and it feels very symmetrical. The first video is the in-depth version, the second is the short...

Poi Flow. Waves Crash.

I had a lot of fun, shooting photos and videos on those rocks…

Eagle’s Flow

Greg at eaglesretreats.com is allowing me to shoot photos and videos from the amazing yoga deck! If I come back to Guatemala next year, I’m definitely hosting a poi retreat...

The Love of Flow

Jeremy is a talented film-maker. We got to explore around Pai, in north Thailand for a few days. He took the idea of flow and found a beautiful piece of...

Practicing at TADAH

TADAH is such a lovely place! It’s been awesome to have a proper studio with mirrors to train in. I’m glad Jeremy Lewis was there to capture this with his...

I’m selling prints of my photos!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been putting more onto photography than ever before. I’ve just opened a shop on Inktale.com to sell high-quality prints! If you click through to...

Flowlights-FS (Full Spectrum)!

The new Flowlights-FS are looking good! They work much like Podpoi, with each mode being adjustable, allowing you to take full advantage of the full spectrum of colours. Which to...

The ultimate guide to making or buying practice poi

Getting started with poi is easy! Just follow this video playlist to make a pair of poi and learn your first moves! 🙂 If you decide to order Cone Poi,...

Leviathan 2017 was awesome once again. Leviathan 2018 is booked!

Poi spinning at the most beautiful dance studio I’ve ever seen…

I’ve launched a Patreon campaign!

The idea: I get supported to make even better photos and videos. You get special rewards and access to patrons-only content!


Poi vacations: See the world, while meeting great people, doing something you love!