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Hi there!

You’re cute when you smirk!

Airwraps: In-Depth (Plus Norway Roadtrip Adventure!)

The secret to airwraps is relaxing! 🙂

Dancing with Poi: 3 Planes of Movement

Freedom to dance and express with poi can require practice, and it often requires paying attention to what your body is doing, rather than thinking only about the poi.   ...

Is there a 4×4 Antispin Fountain? Yes!

Pretty simple idea, but not easy to master. I’m looking for people who can show this off! I’ll post the best example along with my video!

The Matrix

One word of caution: This move requires a back-bend. Only you know if you are adequately warmed up and capable of bending backwards safely. No matter what shape you are...

Airflow, and the Drone4Vojta Campaign :)

Vojta puts work and passion into creating poi videos and organizing flow community events. He is one of the people keeping the art form vibrant. As some of you know,...

Kennedy Lake Fire Sparkles

Fire dancing for a group of sweet campers in British Columbia.

Fire. Art. Nudes.

I have so many thanks to offer @venus_envie, @sorenwacker, @sagesunflower, and my friend who wishes to remain anonymous, for modelling for these photos! (Those are their Instgram usernames by the...

Poi Flow. Waves Crash.

I had a lot of fun, shooting photos and videos on those rocks…

Sparkle powder by TheFlowFX

The guys at TheFlowFX sent me samples of their sparkle powders! I’ve just begun playing with them, and I’ll have to do more testing before I know which I prefer,...

Sock-poi and LED-poi from Speevers

Speevers has come out with a range of products for flow arts and juggling. My favourite products (so far) are their Super-Socky poi! Speevers Super-Socky are great for beginners, with very...

I’m selling prints of my photos!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been putting more onto photography than ever before. I’ve just opened a shop on Inktale.com to sell high-quality prints! If you click through to...

The Playpoi Guide to Fire and LED Photography

Want to take better fire and LED photos?

Leviathan 2018 Poi Retreat is booked!

Poi spinning at the most beautiful dance studio ever.

I’ve launched a Patreon campaign!

The idea: I get supported to make even better photos and videos. You get special rewards and access to patrons-only content!