5-beat weaves

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How to learn 5-beat weaves, how to make them look good, plus an explanation of winding and unwinding. This is the fun-tech version of my original "3 cameras from 3 angles" plan. I think I like this more!

Backwards 5-Beat and BTB 5-Beat Weave

And here is our follow up, showing the backwards 5-beat weave and the behind-the-back 5-beat weave.

Loving the 5-Beat Weave

And here we look at what is awesome about the 5-beat weave, which is all about how it floats and travels along planes for such a long time, and NOT because anybody is going to be impressed by how many beats you're doing! :)

Teaching the 5-Beat Weave

Here are some tips for teaching the 5-beat weave to others!