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Its fun to learn at live poi spinning classesLearn poi with our video lessons and live classes and retreats. If you're just beginning, try our poi beginner series. If you know all the basics already, there's lots to explore!


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Leviathan Poi Retreat 2017

Lasqueti Island, BC | June 28 - July 08, 2017

Join Nick Woolsey and special guests on a beautiful rainforest BC island for ten days of poi and adventures! Confirmed special guests so far include the much-loved Karina and Kat from Vesta Fire Entertainment! I am absolutely thrilled that they are joining us once again! :)

Your awesome experience will include: 

  • Hours of workshops every day, diving into advanced concepts of poi, with a focus on dance, rhythm, choreography, and lots of moves!
  • Enjoying the BIG SAUNA and pond
  • Being blown away by the beauty of Lasqueti Island
  • Feeling good and healthy by eating yummy organic food
  • Optional climbing of mountains and spinning fire on top of them
  • Co-produced talent show!

*Nick will be leading two two-hour poi classes each day, tailored to the group day by day. There will also be lots of opportunity for private feedback to meet your own specific goals. 

Why? Watch the video to know why!

The Online Step-By-Step Poi Courses!

I've put 15 years of teaching experience into these in-depth, step-by-step courses. If you want to experience more fun and less frustration with poi, these are the courses for you!

The Comprehensive Beginner Series: This 12-section course is your chance to learn and master all the essential moves and transitions of poi! LEARN MORE!

The Beyond The Basics Comprehensive Poi Course: Take your poi spinning skills to a new level! LEARN MORE!

Getting Started: Make a pair of poi and learn your first moves!

Getting started with poi is easy! Just follow this video playlist to make a pair of poi and learn your first moves! :)

Then if you want to learn more, take the Online Poi Beginner Series!

Improving extended poi circles

Extended circles are one of those things that look beautiful and easy, and yet they're not so easy to make beautiful! Here are some tips :)

Smoothing out the 5-beat weave

Here are some tips on smoothing out and beautifying the 5-beat weave. A big thank to Ted Holland for sending me the video question and for supporting the Great Future of Playpoi Campaign! 

Turning with Straight Planes: Summary of Variations

Summarizing a bunch of ideas during a Poi Love Camp session