Stay Inspired

Why do you flow?

Jon sent us this link to Richard Hartnell's "Meaning of Flow" video. Very well done! The question is... why do YOU flow?

Iced Tea Isolations (with Circular Stepping)

Just to show you the potential of playing with circular stepping, here's an amazing video of some Thai guys making iced tea flow style.

Big thanks to Mark for sending us the link.

Nick talks about Beginner's Mind

Nick met filmmaker Michael Stillwater at Cortona Week. He's making a documentary about Songs Without Borders and he asked Nick to talk about what makes people happy when they learn something, and why he's learning to sing even though he's "bad" at it.

Pink Panther by Thomas and François

Was it G or Alien Jon that showed us this? We're not sure. Either way, it's awesome.

Partner poi with precision and sass by Thomas Nevisoul and François

Light at the End of the (Poi) Tunnel

We're pretty excited about poi tunneling. It's a great way to interact with other spinners without the danger of getting tangled!

In this video, G and Nick play with poi tunneling at the Purnati Center in Bali to music by Delhi2dublin.

Partner Poi Performance by Zan and Aurora

Partner poi at its best! By Aurora and Zan.

100 Percent More Poi

Watch Nick and G as they practice poi and tunneling. Includes many warm-up ideas, drills, partner ideas, inspiration, and silliness.  

Warning: drinking while performing linear water bottle isolations can cause choking. Perform at your own risk, preferably with an experienced water bottle isolator. 

Finding the G Spot on the Beach

G has been contributing a lot to the team! We found a little spot on the beach during one of our Gili Island Adventures to demonstrate some of the things we've been working on!

For more videos of G check out his Youtube channel.

For the Love of Flow

About a year ago, I fell in love with the flow-wand. In this video, I fall in love with fire wand!

Thanks to Karen for the use of her wand and for shooting this footage!

Fire Spinning in Bali

Fire spinning in Bali!  This video was filmed on the final night of our March 2010 International Poi Retreats and features participants, instructors, and friends.

Big thanks to everybody, and props to Karen for shooting and editing!

From Bali with Poi

One part training, two parts play, this video highlights awesome moments during our March 2010 International Poi Retreats in Bali.

Costa Rica Flow: Poi in Paradise

Costa Rica is such a beautiful and inspiring place! While we were there in 2009, we decided to shoot this video.

It features Burning Dan, Alien Jon, Baz, and Nick spinning to the music of Reza Moosavi and the cinematography and video editing skills of Matthew Boyd.

Fire poi: G at SF Decompression

Check out G's performance from the San Francisco Decompression Party in 2009! video of 's performance at the SF Decompression Party.  

He never ceases to amaze us!

Partner poi: What the (BeepBeep) do we know?

We're happy to bring you an amazing video by Francois, Doro, Tina, and Hannah -- some of the world's most awesome partner poi revolutionaries!

Fire and Fractals: The Univers is yours

Our good friend Ronan, Ireland, in an amazingly well-edited and inspiring video! ..oh, and the spelling is their spelling, not a typo. :-)