Videos We Like

Poi's Shaking the World Compilation Video

Vojta put together this epic complication of clips from a whole bunch of awesome poi videos. It's quite a nostalgia trip of the last ten years of the art form! It also shows how far the skills and video work have come. 

More Poi Inspiration by Vojta Stolbenko

This video by Vojta Stolbenko made me smile! It also inspired me to start making more videos! It's amazing to see the next generation finding their flow. This video has something beyond poi moves!

Awesome LED choreography. Some day let's do something like this with poi!

This videos shows you the potential of LED to be just as awesome as fire! I'd love to get a group together someday to do something of this caliber. If you want to see that happen, make sure you're on the mailing list. It's a lot easier to launch projects when you can tell people about them ;)

Teddy Petrovsky "I Let Go By Breathing/Moving"

Some beautiful and inspiring tech poi spinning from Teddy Petrovsky of NYC.

Pyroterra Partner Poi - Vojta Stolbenko & Jana Sosnovcova

Here's a little partner-poi inspiration for you. We love watching the evolution of partner poi! 

Mel Performs on Ukraine's Got Talent

Mel performed on Ukraine's Got Talent! And it's an amazing performance. The guy has so much talent! :)

Mel on tv show with contact and poi from Leonardo Icaza on Vimeo.

Performing Pair at Pacific Fire 2010

Greg and Margaret are definitely one of the best partner poi duos ever! They gave us a preview of this performance when they made a guest appearance at the Bali retreats a few years back. I'm happy to get to post this!

The Great Poi Caper

When Thom Thumb's poi are stolen by the mischievious thief Tressa En Abundancia, he goes to great lengths to get them back. WARNING! This video contains footage of someone being beaten with a shoe...

Michael Parisi Flowtech 5

Michael Parisi wows us with some beautiful technical spinning including Tracers, 3D variants, some 3D tracer hybrids and more. Definitely an inspiring video well worth watching!


The Ladies of Tech Poi

The poi skills of these amazing ladies speak for themselves...

Buenos Aires Flow

Fede Fourcade and Pablo Fabok infiltrate the streets of Buenos Aires with some sweet poi flow.

KiM - Think With Poi

Some playful new poi ideas by KiM that pack quite a inspirational punch!

Amazing Contact Poi By Gwid

Gwid from Brussels presents some of the inspiring new contact poi ideas he has been playing with.


Occu Poi Your Cities With Play!

Thom Thumb, Ellie Sorokin, and Kyle Ford brought play to Chicago's streets and even do battle to the death with a ninja!  A submission for The Flowtoys Busking Video Competition.


Cyrille's Brainstorm takes the art of Poi to a whole new level!

Prepare to have your mind blown by a single poi, let alone two! Cyrille Humen from France brings yet another well edited montage of artistry, showcasing next level Poi technique melded with Contact Juggling.