Flow-wand with playpoi

Flow-wand 101: Finding the Force

Flow-wand is essentially a game of keeping a stick on a string upright as you maneuver it around your body.  It makes use of and refines your plane control skills from poi!

In this lesson, learn how to interact with your wand, develop your posture, and learn hand and arm placement. The video's from a class review, meant to serve as reminders. Read more for more pointers and details!

For the Love of Flow

About a year ago, I fell in love with the flow-wand. In this video, I fall in love with fire wand!

Thanks to Karen for the use of her wand and for shooting this footage!


The flow-wand is an awesome toy that's slowly exploding over the face of the earth.  Those who wield it instantly realize their hidden fancy-dancey powers and transform into sorcerers who mesmerize all who look upon them.  Really.  We see it all the time!

If you decide to order a flow-wand, you can enter "pali" during checkout to save 5%!  Happy wanding!