Workshop and Retreat Announcements and Vlogs

The Leviathan Studio Retreat Promo!

I am so looking forward to next year's retreat! :)

Poi Lessons in Vancouver, BC!

I'm finally returning to Vancouver! 

To get things started I'm offering the Beginner Poi Series and the Beyond the Basics Poi Series at Sideshow Studios starting this April! 

Let's make this the BC summer of poi! Help spread the word by sharing the events on your facebook wall! Here's the Beginner Series Facebook Event and here's the Beyond the Basics Facebook Event. Thanks so much!

More Videos from Srikanta, this time Under-the-Legs

Srikanta, the only fire spinner I know who performed for Cirque Du Soleil, is continuing to make instructional videos, this one is on under-the-legs. 

We'll continue to post his videos on playpoi because he's awesome and we like him! If you also think he's awesome you may want to check out his upcoming poi retreat in Costa Rica


Poi Retreats in Costa Rica: Spring 2012!

It's going to be an exciting spring in Costa Rica!


Feb 5th-18th we're offering two weeks of poi retreats with Rob Thorburn as our guest poi teacher and Banyan as our yoga teacher.


March 4th-10th we're offering our first ever beginner poi retreats with Alien Jon as guest poi teacher and Banyan once again for yoga.


March 11th-17th we're partnering with Paul Hughs and Thom Thumb to offer our first ever Flow Empowerment Retreat! If you see poi and flow arts as a way to enter states of bliss, then this may be the retreat for you!

If you can't make those dates, don't worry! Zan and Aurora are offering their own poi retreats from January 22nd-Feb 4th, and Srikanta is offering retreats in both poi and staff from Feb 19th-March 3rd. For details on all these events, visit the La Escuela Del Sol website

To top it all off, our beloved yoga teacher, Banyan, is offering a week-long yoga retreat March 17th-24th. So if you've come to love yoga as much as poi, this is your chance to go deeper. 

Yuta's Video from Swiss Poi and Yoga!

Such great memories from the Poi and Yoga retreat. Thanks to everybody for being so lovable!

2011 Bali Retreat Album

We had a great third year in Bali! Check out this album for a peek!

Thanks to Shin and Alistair for their beautiful photos.

So long, Toronto! See you soon!

Nick and G had a great time in Toronto at the Intensive and Workshop Series!

Thanks to the Centre of Gravity, all the lovely spinners, and our awesome friends who came to visit!

If you missed it, no worries! Nick is returning in June for a beginner and intermediate poi workshop series.

Poi Events 2011

Toronto Workshops: We're happy to be offering two more eight-class poi courses in Toronto this January: Fundamentals of Poi and Beyond the Basics

Ottawa Workshops: There are also several spaces in the Ottawa Poi Workshops, Dec 11-12 (although we realize that's not actually 2011). Pavilion Poi Flowers

Bali Poi Retreat: Join us forpoi and yoga in Bali with Nick and G as the poi teachers and Banyan and Adrian as our Yoga teachers. This retreat will be a balance of poi and yoga, so it's for those who know they love yoga. 

Costa Rica Retreat: or come and be part of our poi and yoga retreat in Costa Rica with Nick and Chris Rovo as the poi teachers and Banyan as our yoga teacher. This retreat will be a balance of poi, more poi, yoga, beaches, and maybe some surprise hooping opportunities :) 

In a few months we will also announce summer and fall retreats, probably closer to Europe. Happy playing :)

Playpoi in Bali, 2010

2010 Bali Playpoi Retreats: Go!