The Looping Videos Project!

Jon and I have another week together in Costa Rica. We're using this time to re-start the LOOPING VIDEO PROJECT! (Ta-daaaaa!)

This project started years ago when Jon, Dan, Tea-Faerie, and I were all here in Costa Rica. We spent the time visioning various useful community resources, including looping videos and a poi community map of the world. 

In 2010 a group of us even videotaped a bunch of loops. The project has been passed around and put on the back-burner many times for various reaons, including troubles with the website. We think looping videos will be useful in at least a couple ways:

1) When embedded along with full-length tutorials, a looping video player will help people see and practice the final pattern, steps towards the final pattern, and variations of the final pattern. (Imagine a looping-video playlist player, which can stay looping on any lead-up as long as you want, and any variation!)

2) When used as amimated-looping-thumbnails, the looping videos will provide a simple and effective way to explain any pattern (no more, what the heck is a swooshy-uppy-thing?) 

Below I've embeded some loops. My question to you: Do you think this can be useful? In the next couple days I will be adding loops to tutorials wherever possible. 

Thanks and stay tuned!

Playpoi Needs You!

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Announcing the new!

We're pleased as poi pickles to announce the new! Read more for info about the upgrades, including a new navigation system, video lightboxes, facebook comments, the disqus comment system, community forums, and a Frequently Asked Questions section!

It's a Big Year for Flow:

We're equally excited to announce This is an exciting project initiated by Sean and Prisna at, Khan Wong, and other Flow artists to create a non-profit organization to support the development and spread of the flow arts around the world.

Added forums and comments

We now have forums and a type called talk that allows user to comment on nodes. To see all forums one can go to /forum


Added FAQ section

To add a FAQ add a node of FAQ type. To edit goto 'view/edit content' and select those of type FAQ. To view click FAQs at the bottom. You can edit the title and top text of the main FAQ node.


New Tutorial Videos and General Update

P1020336.jpgFirstly: If you go to the poi videos page you will find Under The Legs, 5-beat-weaves, and of course superduperuberlooping.

I write from Halifax, my home town. This is my first visit in two years and I'm awash with memories. I'm also awash with loot! My parents decided to be patrons of the arts and I have a new external hard drive and a better suitcase. That leaves a new laptop and a video camera as the remaining pieces of gear on my wish list :)

Who knew that poi artists had to spend this much time at the computer?

IMG_1105.JPGToo much time, that's what I say. Oh, but we're so close. So close to my not having to spend this much time at the computer.

Definitely working hard now that I'm back in Vancouver. When I'm not on the computer or practicing, I've been doing heavy renovations over at my Uncle Noulan's house, in Deep Cove, with the help of my little brother, Ben...