Engage with Us on Social Networks

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Engaging with us on Facebook and other social networking sites is an easy way to support us! There are many ways to engage. Sharing or re-posting our posts on your own Facebook or Twitter or Google feed is the best. Commenting on our posts is next best. Liking our posts is next best after that. 

You can also visit and "like" the Playpoi.com Facebook Page, and if you really want to be part of the future of poi, join The Future of Playpoi Facebook Group

If you go to the full page of any post on Playpoi (by clicking on the title of a teaser or the "read more" link at the bottom) you will find a ShareThis widget. ShareThis lets you promote the content directly onto your social networking accounts.

We bet you've already done this and we want to extend our gratitude for that. Thank you for sharing the love!

Sharing on Facebook

You can share Playpoi content on Facebook the same way you share other things.  If you're not sure how, just follow the steps below!  

  1. Go to the Playpoi.com home page, or your favourite section, or to a specific piece of content.
  2. Copy the URL from the navigation bar.
  3. Paste it into your sharing box on Facebook!
  4. If you like, add @playpoi.com to your description of your share to link it to the Playpoi Facebook page.