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How to be a group leader for following along with the online poi classes

The vision:

People all over the world will form groups of poi enthusiasts, to follow along the beginner-series and beyond-the-basics poi courses together. Groups will meet at least once a week to practice, play, inspire each other, trouble shoot, and generally be awesome. 

What it means to be a group leader:

As a group leader, you can choose how much you want to teach. You can take a strong teaching roll if you feel confident, or you can just take the roll of community organizer, finding the space, communicating with the participants, etc. If you're a poi expert, you may take a stronger teaching roll. If you're just learning yourself, you will learn along with the others. 

The Details:

To facilitate a group, you will have to do the following:

1) Fill out this google doc! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zrLeXWgvXjIkDh9Ij0PbsadgZTXswCu4F9tNTeVdHiI/viewform

2) Find people who want to learn! Facebook is a good way, plus email lists, plus putting up flyers or posters at community centres, dance and yoga studios, etc. I will keep sending ideas and details about spreading the word! 

10-Week Poi Beyond-The-Basics Series, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC, Canada | Oct 8th - Dec 10th

Poi Beyond the Basics Workshop Series with Nick Woolsey

Nick Woolsey is returning to Vancouver to host a 10-week Beyond-the-Basics poi series! This course is for those already flowing with the basics of poi, and wishing to explore DEEPLY into more advanced spinning! 

Note: Everybody taking this course will also have access to the 13-week online beyond-the-basics course for free!

We will look at all the types of moves of advanced poi, including:

  • Transitions
  • Rhythm and timing
  • Footwork
  • Expressive movement
  • Flowers
  • Isolations
  • Pendulums
  • Hyperloops
  • Whirling and spotting

Please see our Definition of the Poi Basics to make sure you are ready for this class. Remember that you can use our beginner video series to fill in any gaps. We need you to actually check! I.e. make sure you can do the windmill in both directions!

Time and Locations:

Wednesdays from 6:00pm - 7:30pm at 15 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC. The corner of W 2nd and Ontario. Classes run from Oct 8th to Dec 10th. 

Cost: $155

To Register:

#1: Fill out the online Registration Form

10-Week Poi Beginner Course in Vancouver BC

Vancouver, BC, Canada | Oct 6th - Dec 8th

Poi Beginner Series with Nick Woolsey

Nick Woolsey is returning to Vancouver to offer another Poi Beginner Series. This 10-class course will take you through all the fundamental moves and concepts of poi spinning. This is the best possible way to give yourself a solid foundation in poi! Although you will learn all the basic moves and transitions of poi, the true objective is to ensure that you grasp the fundamental principles of poi, preparing yourself for years of learning!

Note: Everybody who takes this course will also have access to the 13-week online beginner course for free!

Times and Locations:

  • Mondays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at Sideshow Studios (exept the first class on Oct 6th which will be from 8pm - 9:30pm)! 15 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC. The corner of W 2nd and Ontario. Course runs from Oct 6th to Dec 8th

Cost: $155


  • Patience
  • An enthusiasm to learn
  • A schedule that allows you to show up on time
  • A fitness level that allows for 1.5 hours of swinging poi around :)
  • Learn to cross one poi backwards! You can easily do this at home by making a pair of poi (just put a ball in a sock) and watch this video. If we all know how to cross one poi backwards the first day, we can for sure learn a lot during the series. 

To Register:

Workshops in Toronto: A Weekend of Poi with Alien Jon!

Join us in Toronto for a weekend of poi with Alien-Jon! 

http://www.playpoi.com/sites/playpoi.com/files/images/alien-jon-faceshot-closeup-north-boulder-park.jpgFinally, after several years and a few tries: Alien Jon will be in Toronto as guest teacher on May 23 & 24! The event is being organized by KW Flow. Don't miss it!
(check out the Facebook Event)

All sessions will incorporate body & spatial awareness exercises, partner / group exercises, concepts, applied techniques, plus fun & shenanigans!

Workshops will take place at Dovercourt House, 3rd Floor.
Go to the EventBrite page for ticketing reservations.


Session 1: Poi Foundations

May 23, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Suitable for experienced beginners and up. 

(See Nick's prerequisit video to find out if the 1st session is right for you.)


Some of what we'll cover:

Improving extended poi circles

Extended circles are one of those things that look beautiful and easy, and yet they're not so easy to make beautiful! Here are some tips :)

Smoothing out the 5-beat weave

Here are some tips on smoothing out and beautifying the 5-beat weave. A big thank to Ted Holland for sending me the video question and for supporting the Great Future of Playpoi Campaign! 

Turning with Straight Planes: Summary of Variations

Summarizing a bunch of ideas during a Poi Love Camp session

Turning with Antispin Opposites: The Rhythm Approach

There are many ways to approach learning antispin flowers. In this video we look at the rhythm approach to antispin opposites. 

The rhythm of flowing with weave-turns and 4x4 fountains

Here we continue our look at moving with the rhythm, focussing on flowing between turning with weaves and the 4x4 fountain...

How to Learn a 3-Beat Weave with your Feet

Yup, it's been done by many and you can do it too! 


How to learn handstands: Intro

Introducing a series on holding a steady handstand! :)

Unlocking motor-skills: The Finger/Foot game!

It really helps to work out an approach to unlocking motor skills. Here we look a finger/foot coordination game to talk about focus points and mode-switching.