Learn Poi and Related Flow-Arts

Using a wall to master mills and reels

Often people do even the simplest moves a bit sloppy. Here we look at using our good friend the wall to master and beautify windmills, watermills, and reels.

Split-time Chase-the-Sun

In this video we look at the split-time version of Chase-the-Sun

2 in 1s: Left/right independence, transitions, and freedom of expression

2 in 1s open up the ability to increase and decrease the speed of one poi, without affecting the other. This frees up your ability to move with the music in many ways, and can lead to stunning transitions when performing.

The finger/thumb left/right game

In this video we look at another fun little game for gaining left/right independence. A huge thanks to Rob Thorburn who showed this to us in Costa Rica, 2012! :)

The stall right stall left game. HUGE for freedom of dance and expression!

In this video we look at a whole progression of exercises of stalling the right poi, then the left, then the right, then the left, in a variety of positions. This will significantly free your right from your left, and teach you to switch modes at any point in time no matter what you're doing... and more! This is super CORE!

Theory and a Game on Right/Left Independence

Learning to seperate your left arm from your right is obviously a big part of gaining skill with poi. Here we look at some theory and a fun game!

Whirling with Inspin

Even though it's much easier than whirling with antispin, it gets just as much applause when I perform!

Swoopty-Swoop Switchback Conclusion

And now the exciting conclusion to our Swoopty-Swoop Switchbacks series! :)

Poi-fu + antispin/extension switchbacks

Now things start getting a bit brain-twisting, yet fun! A great exercise with poi is picking a mode with poi, and holding it consistent while going through mode changes with the arms. Here we look at a basic series of arm circles while holding the poi in a steady pattern with opposites, which takes the poi through various combinations of antispin and extension. Enjoy!

How to Learn CAPs 2

And now the dramatic conclusion to How to Learn CAPs!

Learning CAPs with One Poi

Capped Antispin Patterns (CAPs) are fun. They can be a great thing to explore after learning 4-petal antispin flowers, or they can be the way you learn 4-petal antispin flowers. In this video we explore learning CAPs with one poi at a time.

Swiss Poi and Yoga Retreat: August 9th - 15th

Emmental, Switzerland | August 9th - 15th, 2014

NOTE: This retreat may now be full! Please contact us to see if there is room. 

We are happy to announce the 2014 Swiss Poi and Yoga Retreat!  The retreat will begin at 3pm on August 9th, and will finish with brunch on August 15th. This year's location: Balmeggberg.

Each day we will offer yoga classes with Adrian and poi lessons with Nick Woolsey and special guests. There will also be time for exploring the mountains, enjoying the sauna, eating great food, etc.

This retreat is intended for poi spinners who are comfortable with all the basics and who wish to explore both poi and yoga.

*Note: Yoga will include singing ancient Sanscrit Mantras! 


900 Swiss Franks. Includes accommodation and 3 meals per day per person.


NOTE: We are not taking deposits yet. You can register now and we will send out an email in March when we begin taking deposits. 

#1: Fill out the Google Registration Form

#2: Send us a message to ensure we're in contact! 

See you in August!


Turning with Antispin Flowers Via the Rhythm of Weaves

Ready to try turning with antispin flowers? Believe it or not, the rhythm of the humble 3-beat weave is the foundation...

Why only counting the down-swings of the poi will confuse you

In this video we explore in-depth, succinctly, definitively, and with much Incan civilization ruins in the background, why only counting the down-swings of the poi will limit you!

Rhythm with Weaves

Continuing our exploration of moving with the music, here's a look at rhythm with weaves. The music track is Robot Motivation by The Polish Ambassador.