Learn Poi and Related Flow-Arts

Costa Rica Poi Camp 2015 | Finca Mia | March 21-28, 2015

March 21 - 28, 2015 | Finca Mia, Costa Rica

I'm happy to announce the next Poi Camp in at Finca Mia, which is perfect place for a very special poi retreat! Let's make Poi Camp 2015 even better!:D

This retreat is open to those over the age of 18 who are comfortable with all the basics of poi, but really the prerequisites are about having a spirit of contributing, collaborating, and sharing, and a strong desire to PLAY! 

Each morning Nick will lead classes in poi mastery, choreography, rhythm, and performance, along with some favorite moves. The afternoons will divided between classes led by Nick and time slots left open for participants to share their own special workshops, related to poi or anything else. At previous poi camps, participant-led workshops included drumming, clowning, personal-growth, and various poi moves! 

It will all take place at Finca Mia, a special ecological retreat centre in the mountains of Costa Rica, complete with a mirrored dance studio, a river running through the property, and fresh water springs gushing out of the earth, close to Chirripo National Park and the cloud forests. Finca Mia is quite "rustic" so it's definitely for those who like to run around barefoot!


Leviathan Studio Poi Retreat, Lasqueti Island, BC, Canada

Lasqueti Island, BC | June 5-12 and 12-19

Join Nick Woolsey, and special guest teachers for one or two weeks on a beautiful rainforest island to enjoy the following activities:

  • Before breakfast: Yoga and/or other morning exercises 
  • 10-12 and 4-6pm: Diving into advanced concepts of dance, rhythm, choreography, and moves
  • In the evenings: Spinning poi, enjoying THE BIG SAUNA, and having an awesome time
  • In between the rest: Being blown away by the beauty of the gulf islands, eating good food, and running around in the rain forest a lot. 

Photo by Peter Paul RubensWhere? At possibly the most beautiful dance studio ever: Leviathan Studios on Lasqueti Island!

Dates? This is a two week retreat! You can come the first week, June 5-12, or both weeks, June 5-19, or if you've been to a Playpoi retreat before, you can come to only the second week, June 12-19. You can also choose to stay an extra day for a summer solstice celebration! :).

The first week will begin with dinner on June 5th. The second week will begin with dinner on June 12th. (And yes, those coming for both weeks get lunch on the 12th) 

Cost: $700CAD for one week or $1300 for both weeks, including amazing organic food! 

Prerequisites: For this retreat it will be best if you're comfortable with all the poi basics

Workshops in Toronto: A Weekend of Poi with Alien Jon!

Join us in Toronto for a weekend of poi with Alien-Jon! 

http://www.playpoi.com/sites/playpoi.com/files/images/alien-jon-faceshot-closeup-north-boulder-park.jpgFinally, after several years and a few tries: Alien Jon will be in Toronto as guest teacher on May 23 & 24! The event is being organized by KW Flow. Don't miss it!
(check out the Facebook Event)

All sessions will incorporate body & spatial awareness exercises, partner / group exercises, concepts, applied techniques, plus fun & shenanigans!

Workshops will take place at Dovercourt House, 3rd Floor.
Go to the EventBrite page for ticketing reservations.


Session 1: Poi Foundations

May 23, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Suitable for experienced beginners and up. 

(See Nick's prerequisit video to find out if the 1st session is right for you.)


Some of what we'll cover:

Improving extended poi circles

Extended circles are one of those things that look beautiful and easy, and yet they're not so easy to make beautiful! Here are some tips :)

Smoothing out the 5-beat weave

Here are some tips on smoothing out and beautifying the 5-beat weave. A big thank to Ted Holland for sending me the video question and for supporting the Great Future of Playpoi Campaign! 

Turning with Straight Planes: Summary of Variations

Summarizing a bunch of ideas during a Poi Love Camp session

Turning with Antispin Opposites: The Rhythm Approach

There are many ways to approach learning antispin flowers. In this video we look at the rhythm approach to antispin opposites. 

The rhythm of flowing with weave-turns and 4x4 fountains

Here we continue our look at moving with the rhythm, focussing on flowing between turning with weaves and the 4x4 fountain...

How to Learn a 3-Beat Weave with your Feet

Yup, it's been done by many and you can do it too! 


How to learn handstands: Intro

Introducing a series on holding a steady handstand! :)

Unlocking motor-skills: The Finger/Foot game!

It really helps to work out an approach to unlocking motor skills. Here we look a finger/foot coordination game to talk about focus points and mode-switching.

Using a wall to master mills and reels

Often people do even the simplest moves a bit sloppy. Here we look at using our good friend the wall to master and beautify windmills, watermills, and reels.

Split-time Chase-the-Sun

In this video we look at the split-time version of Chase-the-Sun

2 in 1s: Left/right independence, transitions, and freedom of expression

2 in 1s open up the ability to increase and decrease the speed of one poi, without affecting the other. This frees up your ability to move with the music in many ways, and can lead to stunning transitions when performing.

The finger/thumb left/right game

In this video we look at another fun little game for gaining left/right independence. A huge thanks to Rob Thorburn who showed this to us in Costa Rica, 2012! :)