Learn Poi and Related Flow-Arts

Whirling with Inspin

Even though it's much easier than whirling with antispin, it gets just as much applause when I perform!

Swoopty-Swoop Switchback Conclusion

And now the exciting conclusion to our Swoopty-Swoop Switchbacks series! :)

Poi-fu + antispin/extension switchbacks

Now things start getting a bit brain-twisting, yet fun! A great exercise with poi is picking a mode with poi, and holding it consistent while going through mode changes with the arms. Here we look at a basic series of arm circles while holding the poi in a steady pattern with opposites, which takes the poi through various combinations of antispin and extension. Enjoy!

How to Learn CAPs 2

And now the dramatic conclusion to How to Learn CAPs!

Learning CAPs with One Poi

Capped Antispin Patterns (CAPs) are fun. They can be a great thing to explore after learning 4-petal antispin flowers, or they can be the way you learn 4-petal antispin flowers. In this video we explore learning CAPs with one poi at a time.

Swiss Poi and Yoga Retreat: August 9th - 15th

Emmental, Switzerland | August 9th - 15th, 2014

We are happy to announce the 2014 Swiss Poi and Yoga Retreat!  The retreat will begin at 3pm on August 9th, and will finish with brunch on August 15th. This year's location: Balmeggberg.

Each day we will offer yoga classes with Adrian and poi lessons with Nick Woolsey and special guests. There will also be time for exploring the mountains, enjoying the sauna, eating great food, etc.

This retreat is intended for poi spinners who are comfortable with all the basics and who wish to explore both poi and yoga.

*Note: Yoga will include singing ancient Sanscrit Mantras! 


900 Swiss Franks. Includes accommodation and 3 meals per day per person.


NOTE: We are not taking deposits yet. You can register now and we will send out an email in March when we begin taking deposits. 

#1: Fill out the Google Registration Form

#2: Send us a message to ensure we're in contact! 

See you in August!


Turning with Antispin Flowers Via the Rhythm of Weaves

Ready to try turning with antispin flowers? Believe it or not, the rhythm of the humble 3-beat weave is the foundation...

2014 Poi Events!

Several 2014 events are coming into focus! Here's how it looks so far:

Poi Love Camp - Costa Rica - 2013 from Brad Fotsch on Vimeo.

Why only counting the down-swings of the poi will confuse you

In this video we explore in-depth, succinctly, definitively, and with much Incan civilization ruins in the background, why only counting the down-swings of the poi will limit you!

Rhythm with Weaves

Continuing our exploration of moving with the music, here's a look at rhythm with weaves. The music track is Robot Motivation by The Polish Ambassador.

Making sure you know 4-petal antispin flowers

You can make as many petals as you want when playing with antispin flowers. 4-petal flowers are especially important because it flows so well with the cardinal directions (up, down, side, side) and also 4/4 music. But many people get confused between 4-petals and 4 down-swings. It's important to know that a 4-petal flower only has 3 down-swings (3 circles of the poi). This video helps you get the difference. 

How to Truly Dance with Poi: Rhythm with Reels

I rarely see people actually moving with the music when they're playing poi. There is a reason for this. Until you've explored the different ways you can move the poi with the music, you will probably be stuck. You have to start exploring how the rhythm of the up-swings and in-swings and out-swings and down-swings are all very important. Here we use reels as an example. Even if you've been comfortable with the reels for years there is a chance you're still not getting how to do it with the music! So do try to follow along and test yourself. Enjoy!

The track is "Get Your Damn Hands Off My Synthesizer" by The Polish Ambassador. He releases all his music with a creative-commons copy right and they've given me permission to use his music in my poi videos as long as I provide all the links back etc. It's awesome music to do check it out!

Poi-Fu for Capped Swoopy Swoops

Swoopty Swoop Switchy Backsies are based, deeply, on some good poi-fu!

Some Philosophy Regarding Attitude

Some moves can be learned in a day or a week, or even 15 minutes. Some other patterns, like flowers or the Floopy-Floop Switchbacks can take months or years. But with the right attitude there's nothing frustrating about that. It can be a very rewarding journey. In this video I share some thoughts about attitude using my own journey with guitar and singing as an example, and a beautiful piece of music I hope to some day play well! The guitar piece is Nuvole Bianche - Ludovico Einaudi - arranged for guitar by Les Cheetham and I invite you to watch the whole thing!

Capped Swoopty-Swoop Switchbacks (Opposite CAPs Switchbacking w/ 4-Petal Antispin/Extension)

I've been getting requests for something more advanced, so here we're looking at a pattern that uses several different skills together. It will take several videos to go over all the lead-up skills, and then I'll post a video showing how to put it all together. Enjoy!