Airwraps: In-Depth (Plus Norway Roadtrip Adventure!)

The secret to airwraps is relaxing! 🙂

Dancing with Poi: 3 Planes of Movement

Freedom to dance and express with poi can require practice, and it often requires paying attention to what your body is doing, rather than thinking only about the poi.   ...

Is there a 4×4 Antispin Fountain? Yes!

Pretty simple idea, but not easy to master. I’m looking for people who can show this off! I’ll post the best example along with my video!

The Matrix

One word of caution: This move requires a back-bend. Only you know if you are adequately warmed up and capable of bending backwards safely. No matter what shape you are...

the 4-beat corkscrew

if you add an extra circle to the top and bottom of the corkscrew, you get a 4-beat corkscrew (meaning each poi passes you twice above and below your arms).

the secret to split-time wall-plane poi flowers

The secret is slightly “concave” planes. If you angle each plane towards you in the middle, then the poi will fit inside the opposite arm! 🙂

poilosophy: repeating is not always practicing

Something I see regularly as I teach, is that some people think that repeating a pattern over and over is practicing. Sometimes it is! But it might just be ingraining...

Exiting Orbitals and Hyperloops

The video explains it all. Watch the longer video, then watch the slow motion video until it all makes sense.

Hyperloops! The in-depth guide!

If you take a step-by-step approach to hyperloops, you will most likely get there! Below is an in-depth video, followed by a quick review of the steps, and then a...