Beginner Series: Week One: Manifest poi and learn your first moves!

Poi are easy to make: you just need a weight on a tether, twice. If you’re crafty, there are many ways to make poi at home. If you aren’t crafty, we have advice on...

Beginner Series: Week Two

Tens of thousands of people have learned poi through our free beginner series, shot in Bali in 2010. If you like it so far, consider Nick’s step-by-step Learn and Master the...

Beginner Series: Week Three

You’re on a roll! Week three includes poi over the head, backwards 3-beat weave, and linking the reels into the pattern “chase the sun!”

Beginner Series: Week Four

Week Four of our free poi beginner series includes corkscrew, whirling with the reels, linking the weaves, threading the needle with butterfly, and more! You can do it!

Beginner Series: Week Five

Week Five includes linking weaves and windmills, split-time butterfly, turning with butterfly, and The Fountain

Beginner Series: Week Six

The last “week” of our poi beginner series includes linking weaves and butterflies, turning freely with split-time opposites, and tips for going beyond the basics! Where to go from here?...

teaching tip: building on success – learning split-time rhythm as example

This poi spinning teaching/learning tip can be applied to any move or skill, beginner or advanced.

The Same-Time Turns from a Different Perpsective

Hip reels and shoulder reels are a great example of patterns that work better as you relax and do less. Let the turning of your body do the work! And...

Teaching Tip: Start from the End

Sometimes the key to learning moves effectively is to start with the end, and build the sequence backwards. Try this the next time you show somebody hip reels and you’ll...