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Its fun to learn at live poi spinning classesLearn how to play poi with our video lessons and real-world classes and retreats. If you're still learning the basics, go to our poi beginner series. If you know all the basics already, there's lots to explore!

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Getting Started: Make a pair of poi and learn your first moves!

Getting started with poi is easy! Just follow this video playlist to make a pair of poi and learn your first moves! :)

Then if you want to learn more, take the Online Poi Beginner Series!

Starting June 1st: The Playpoi Online Beginner Series 2015

Starting June 1st, 2015

Join renowned poi-teacher Nick Woolsey for a 12-week online learn-and-master-the-poi-basics course! This is your chance to learn and master all the basic moves and transitions of poi

Although this course follows the format of a 12-week course, you are free to go at your own pace. Throughout the course you can submit questions and Nick will answer them the best he can. You will reap the benefits of a whole DVD's worth of poi video content each week! Plus you will enjoy community involvement and feedback from the teacher! 

The lessons will cover all the basic moves of poi such as weaves, windmills, butterfly patterns, and fountains, along with lots of tips on how to master them to build turns, sequences, and transitions.

For those of you who already know some moves, this course is a great way to deepen your control of planes, rhythm, and freedom of movement. 

All participants will be invited to participate in the online discussions where everybody can post their progress, ask questions, and support each other. 

Cost: The base price of the course will be $75USD. We will also offer scholarship prices of $50, $25, and a work-trade scholarship as well. The scholarships are to address the huge ecomonic disparities between different countries around the world. We're expecting you to be honest about picking a scholarship. 

To register:

1) Simply send me a quick message letting me know you are interested! On June 1st I will send you the links to register via Udemy.com. 

2) Watch this video playlist to make a pair of poi and learn your first moves!

3) Join the Facebook Event Page

4) Start networking to find people to take the course with

See you online soon!


TESTIMONIALS (From the previous online beginner series)

"Nick taught us not only how to do various core moves, but how to flow and play with these moves. It wasn't always easier, but it was almost always fun. I'm not at a point, in just eight weeks, that I thought would take a year or more to achieve."
-Jonathan Pettit

"Nick's outstanding video course doesn't just teach you tricks step by step, but real technique as well. When you are done, you won't merely be an intermediate poi spinner, you will have the basis for a lifetime of beautiful spinning."
-Tessa Flanagan

"This was a fantastic course. The videos were comprehensive and very easy to understand. The lead-ups and troubleshooting were extremely helpful in learning intimidating-looking moves."
-Valeska G.

"This course was beyond amazing. The lessons were provided with depth and enthusiasm that inspired me to pick up my poi and practice for hours on end. I also loved the amount of attention each student received when they were having any trouble with any of the lessons. I am looking forward to all future courses."

"Before this course I only knew a couple of moves and was having trouble finding motivation to pick up my poi and learn anything else. Eight weeks later I not only feel confident and enthusiastic about spinning again, but I feel as if Nick's course has given me the right foundation for going forward...and all of this on my own schedule! I cannot recommend this course enough, whether you are a true beginner or just looking to master the basics. Thanks so much for making this such a great and fun course!"
-Ben Huckaby

"I really enjoyed your online beginners poi class...it really took the teaching way beyond what is available elsewhere.  I would call it extraordinary.  It had a massive impact on my poi-playing comfort and abilities."

"I was almost a true beginner at the start of this course - I could do butterfly and a wonky 3-beat weave. The course was fantastic, teaching me almost without me realising, the lead-up videos really giving me fundamental skills so that when I got to the actual 'move' it was a simple progression step. The best thing about it was that not only did Nick teach moves, but how to link together and really flow and dance with poi. I can't dance for toffee, but poi dancing? Whole different story now :) I would totally recommend this course to anyone - from people who have never picked up a set of poi, to people who know their stuff, but want to fine tune technique. The refinement I now have in my spinning is so far beyond what I thought I was capable of in an 8-week span, and that's all to do with Nick's superb teaching. He was right there to answer our questions (even my daft ones) every step of the way, giving great advice and extra tutorials if we got stuck. I simply can't recommend this course enough!"

"Nick taught in a way that built naturally on itself. The flow of the course lent itself to the eventual flow of the movements. I am amazed at how much I have achieved in such a short time thanks to Nick's wonderful teaching and great personality. I love the energetic vibe and will continue to learn everything I can from Nick!"
-Sarah Elizabeth Younger

"Nick makes this online course, up close and personal. Its very interactive and you do get the feeling like it's a personal lesson just for you. Basically, it's almost just like being in the same room as your teacher!"
Caroline Whittaker

"The course was well structured and gives a great overview of fundamental techniques. Nick was great and actually helped me learn something I´d been struggling with for a long time in about 1 hour, he is a really clear in his explanations and he was great at answering questions!"
-Jake Gooding

Leviathan Studio Poi Retreat, Lasqueti Island, BC, Canada

Lasqueti Island, BC | June 5-12 and 12-19

Join Nick Woolsey and special guests on a beautiful rainforest BC island!

Fire Dance Retreat in Stromboli, Italy, with Srikanta, July 5-11 2015

Join a fun and diverse group for daily poi and staff classes, theatrical games, fire jams and more with ex Cirque du Soleil Fire Dancer & Coach, Srikanta Barefoot & his partner Jen. This Summer’s week-long Retreat on the island of Stromboli combines a full immersion in dance-based fire dance with pristine nature and adventure expeditions. In addition to daily classes & play on a shaded, outdoor stage, we’ll trek up Europe’s most active volcano & sail our private Catamaran to the nearby island of Strombolicchio!

All of us at Playpoi have met Srikanta and can highly recommend his trainings. Also we've heard great things about Stromboli! So check it out! :)

Poi, Surfing, and Yoga in Costa Rica, March 15-21

A new kind of Montezuma poi retreat!

This retreat will include a 90-minute poi class with me, and and another 90-minute poi class with Eli, the awesome resident teacher at La Escuela Del Sol. The poi lessons can be combined with the Surf, Yoga, and Scuba-Diving classes offered by LEDs. And we'll be staying right down in Montezuma, near the beaches and night-life! :)

More more details and to register, go to the event page on the LEDs website!

Note: This retreat is best for those who want to combine some poi with other activities. If you want to go deep into poi, consider staying another week to attend Poi Camp at Finca Mia! :)

Vancouver Poi Classes starting January 14th - 2015!

I'm happy to announce our next round of poi classes in Vancouver, BC, starting January 14th, plus a special TRY POI event on January 7th! 

8-Week Beginner Series
Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:00pm
Cost: $125CAD
Click to learn more

8-Week Intermediate Series
Wednesdays from 8:15pm - 9:45pm
Cost $125CAD
Click to learn more

Wednesday, January 7th
Free try-poi class from 6:30 - 7:30pm
Practice and play time from 7:30 - 8:30pm
This is your chance to TRY POI! If you like it, sign up for the beginner course! 
Click to learn more

Studio East: 1480 Frances Street, Vancouver (main entrance) 

Costa Rica Poi Camp 2015 | Finca Mia | March 21-28, 2015

March 21 - 28, 2015 | Finca Mia, Costa Rica

I'm happy to announce the next Poi Camp in at Finca Mia, which is perfect place for a very special poi retreat! Let's make Poi Camp 2015 even better!:D

This retreat is open to those over the age of 18 who are comfortable with all the basics of poi, but really the prerequisites are about having a spirit of contributing, collaborating, and sharing, and a strong desire to PLAY! 

To learn more, CLICK THROUGH!

Beyond-the-Basics Workshops in HAMBURG, Germany, Sept 2/3

Hamburg Beyond-the-Basics Poi Workshops, Sept 2-3, 2014

In this 2-day poi workshop we will look at the core skills of planes, body movement, and rhythm required for true freedom of movement with pio. Although we will learn several moves in the process, the real objective is to make sure you know how to keep learning! 


To make sure you are ready for this class please see our definition of the basics. You need to know most of the basics but it's ok if you don't know all. 

Time: 19:00-21:00

Location:  Luftraum (alte Dosenfabrik), Stresemannstraße 374b, 2 Stock

Cost: 50EUR for both workshops (Cash only when you arrive at the workshop) 

To Register: Fill out the Google Registration Form!

Please contact us if you have any questions!


The Leviathan Studio Retreat Promo!

I am so looking forward to next year's retreat! :)

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