Fire Night on the Beach

This track, “Twirl Me,” was our theme song for the retreat. It was a very beautiful sunset that night, and such a perfect way to bring the retreat to a...

Flow Arts – A Film

Flow Arts • A Film is a 23 minute overview and introduction to what Flow Arts are, where they come from, who does them, where, and why. The film intends...

Beauty that Transforms

My friend Jinju of Soul Flow Arts has released a short version of her Beauty That Transforms video! 🙂

Ladies of Tech Poi

Whoohoo! I’m happy to see this! Big props to Elizabeth Knights for putting her time and love into this project 🙂 Also a huge thanks to Alien Jon for sending me the...

Permission to Poi, by Smilie

There has been such a flourishing of poi and flow events around the world, and along with them a flourishing of flow artists. Thanks Smilie for making this video!

Katya Radul – Take it Easy

Amazingly this is Katya’s first video! Definite Wome of Tech Poi submission material! I also like the choices with the videography, some very cool angles working with the archtecture.

Elizabeth Knights: Flow Game

In this video Elizabeth shows off some inspiring work with rhythm, dance, and poi control.

Danza Kuduro: Flow Arts Version ;)

One of the perks for the Playpoi Indiegogo Campaign was “Pick a music track and we’ll make a poi video with it!” This is the first such video! Sending out...

Franziska Neuhause: FairyWings in the Woods

Franziska Neuhaus has been doing great work combining the arts of poi and cinematography, and it’s high time to showcase more of her work on Playpoi! Below are two videos...