Flowlights-FS (Full Spectrum)!

Flowtoys has launched a full-spectrum version of Flowlights, and they’re looking good!


The new Flowlights-FS are looking good! They work much like Podpoi, with each mode being adjustable, allowing you to take full advantage of the full spectrum of colours.

Which to choose, Flowlights-FS or Podpoi? Here are the points to consider:

Charging: Podpoi have built-in batteries, and are USB chargeable. This is super convenient, but if you go to a festival for the weekend, you can’t have spare batteries in your pocket. Flowlights take AAA batteries, so you need an external charger, but that means you can go to a week-long festival with enough charged batteries to play every night!

Hardness: Podpoi have the advantage of being soft. If you’re a beginner, I recommend Podpoi. Your nose will thank you.

Modular: If you already have cases for Flowlights, then ordering some Flowlights-FS makes a lot of sense!

Visual Impact: The Flowlights-FS have more LEDs than Podpoi, and Flowtoys has created some impressive modes with them. So for visual impact, Flowlights-FS win!

CHECK OUT FLOWLIGHTS-FS ON FLOWTOYS.COM! And use “pleasekeepsecret” to save 5%!