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Our two DVDs, Scales of Poi and Adventures in Poi: Moves, help fund our artistic endeavors. This is the ultimate win/win/win situation: you buy some amazing DVDs, we get to buy some video equipment, and then you get more videos. You win twice!

If you love the DVDs, make sure to tell people about them, including your favorite poi gear shops.  Here are a few ways we've discovered to spread the word:

Submit a product review

If you've bought one of our DVDs, be sure to submit a product review.  These reviews, which you can complete through the store that you bought the DVD from, are our best advertising because they come directly from the people who really matter -- you!

Tell your friends about the DVDs

We want to make friends with your friends! If you're a facebook user, and you have poi friends on facebook, please choose one of the sharing options below.