13-Week ONLINE Poi-Dancing Beginner Series, Starting Sept 28th, 2014!

Sept 28st - Dec 28th, 2014

Join renowned poi-teacher Nick Woolsey and an international group of your peers (plus special guests!) for a 13-week online learn-and-master-the-poi-basics course! This is your chance to learn and master all the basic moves and transitions of poi

Each Sunday for 13-weeks Nick will post a week's worth of poi video lessons. He will also post review and homework notes to help you stay organized. Throughout the course you can submit questions and Nick will answer them the best he can. That's a whole DVD's worth of poi video content each week, plus community involvement and feedback from the teacher! 

Once the videos are posted, they will stay posted. It's up to you whether to follow along with the 13-week plan, or to take your time and go at a slower pace. 

The lessons will cover all the basic moves of poi such as weaves, windmills, butterfly patterns, and fountains, along with lots of tips on how to master them to build turns, sequences, and transitions.

For those of you who already know some moves, this course is a great way to deepen your control of planes, rhythm, and freedom of movement. 

All participants will be invited to participate in the online discussions where everybody can post their progress, ask questions, and support each other. 

Cost: Note: We are implementing a "sliding scale" for this course. This is our attempt to address the inequalities in the economonies of different countries. Some of you live in countries with strong currencies, and others live in countries with disadvantaged currencies. So we are offering a few different fees. Please be honest! 

Improving extended poi circles

Extended circles are one of those things that look beautiful and easy, and yet they're not so easy to make beautiful! Here are some tips :)

Visual Poi Improv during a magic night overlooking the Sacred Valley

This was shot very spontaneously on January 9th, 2014, with music by OCNO. It's the first time I've just played with the Visual Poi for fun. It's all super experimental and often silly! If you'd like to see me creating artistic performances again, please do share your favourite videos and check out the Poiticipation Page. It helps me a lot!!!

The finger/thumb left/right game

In this video we look at another fun little game for gaining left/right independence. A huge thanks to Rob Thorburn who showed this to us in Costa Rica, 2012! :)

Theory and a Game on Right/Left Independence

Learning to seperate your left arm from your right is obviously a big part of gaining skill with poi. Here we look at some theory and a fun game!

Whirling with Inspin

Even though it's much easier than whirling with antispin, it gets just as much applause when I perform!

More thoughts on Permaculture Poi Camp :)

Wow, being here at Paul's house for six weeks has been another time to dream about one day being part of a Poi Permaculture Camp! If only this place had a 2000sf studio with a bumpin' sound system!

7-day Basics and Beyond Poi Retreat in Montezuma, Costa Rica, March 8-15, 2014

Montezuma, Costa Rica | March 8th - 15th, 2014

We are returning to Costa Rica to offer another round of poi and yoga retreats with La Escuela Del SolDSC01961.JPGJoin us for seven days of intermediate poi retreat yumminess with Nick Woolsey. Retreats are limited to 20 participants so best to register early if you want a spot.

The basic format will be:

  • Optional yoga
  • Breakfast break
  • 2 hour morning poi session
  • Lunch break
  • Fun Time for swimming, surfing, etc!
  • Afternoon play session with further instruction and feedback
  • Dinner break
  • Playtime with LEDs and Fire!

Retreat Curriculum:
The two-week intermediate/advanced curriculum will include but won't be limited to the following:

Poi-fu + antispin/extension switchbacks

Now things start getting a bit brain-twisting, yet fun! A great exercise with poi is picking a mode with poi, and holding it consistent while going through mode changes with the arms. Here we look at a basic series of arm circles while holding the poi in a steady pattern with opposites, which takes the poi through various combinations of antispin and extension. Enjoy!

How to Learn CAPs 2

And now the dramatic conclusion to How to Learn CAPs!

Learning CAPs with One Poi

Capped Antispin Patterns (CAPs) are fun. They can be a great thing to explore after learning 4-petal antispin flowers, or they can be the way you learn 4-petal antispin flowers. In this video we explore learning CAPs with one poi at a time.

Turning with Antispin Flowers Via the Rhythm of Weaves

Ready to try turning with antispin flowers? Believe it or not, the rhythm of the humble 3-beat weave is the foundation...

The New Easiest Way to Eat a Mango

Next time you're eating a mango, you may want to try... this!

Why only counting the down-swings of the poi will confuse you

In this video we explore in-depth, succinctly, definitively, and with much Incan civilization ruins in the background, why only counting the down-swings of the poi will limit you!

Netherlands: Poi at the Psy-Fi Festival!

August 28 - Sept 1st: The super friendly folks at the Psy-Fi Festival in The Netherlands have invited me to peform and to teach workshops. Looks like it may be lots of fun. I haven't made it to any music festivals for a couple years... so time for some dancing! 

I'll be performing at the opening ceremonies and teaching both beginner and intermediate/advanced poi workshops. More details coming in a couple months. If it sounds fun, go check out their Facebook Event Page.