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The Looping Videos Project!

Jon and I have another week together in Costa Rica. We're using this time to re-start the LOOPING VIDEO PROJECT! (Ta-daaaaa!)

This project started years ago when Jon, Dan, Tea-Faerie, and I were all here in Costa Rica. We spent the time visioning various useful community resources, including looping videos and a poi community map of the world. 

In 2010 a group of us even videotaped a bunch of loops. The project has been passed around and put on the back-burner many times for various reaons, including troubles with the website. We think looping videos will be useful in at least a couple ways:

1) When embedded along with full-length tutorials, a looping video player will help people see and practice the final pattern, steps towards the final pattern, and variations of the final pattern. (Imagine a looping-video playlist player, which can stay looping on any lead-up as long as you want, and any variation!)

2) When used as amimated-looping-thumbnails, the looping videos will provide a simple and effective way to explain any pattern (no more, what the heck is a swooshy-uppy-thing?) 

Below I've embeded some loops. My question to you: Do you think this can be useful? In the next couple days I will be adding loops to tutorials wherever possible. 

Thanks and stay tuned!

Let's make sure Spark Circus has another great year!

Every year Spark Circus takes games and toys and playfulness to refugee children in Thailand. Many of my favourite poi spinners and good friends have participated! Join me in making sure they have another great year!

Spark Circus Fundraiser 2013-14 from Jeximé on Vimeo.

Support the Rickshaw Circus!

My friend Annika is involved with an awesome social circus project called The Rickshaw Circus, part of The Afghan Mobile Mini circus for Children (MMCC). The general aim is to support circus arts as a therapeutic tool and to work with children and youth affected by war, natural disasters and other forms of trauma. They teach juggling, poi spinning, clowning, acrobatics, contact juggling, dancing and theatre, next to other educational programs. The MMCC has worked successfully for over ten years now in Afghanistan, but they are facing major problems in their funding now, as the troops pull out of Afghanistan. That's where we come in! Want to join us in supporting them? If so, visit their website to learn more and go to their Indiegogo campaign to offer them some support!

Toronto Summer of Poi!

Alien Jon and Thom Thumb join Nick for a 4-Class Partner Poi Series (first two weeks of July) AND a Weekend Poi Intensive (July 8th - 11th). Come play with us in Toronto! For the locals, get a discount for taking both courses!

Announcing the new!

We're pleased as poi pickles to announce the new! Read more for info about the upgrades, including a new navigation system, video lightboxes, facebook comments, the disqus comment system, community forums, and a Frequently Asked Questions section!

2011 Bali Retreat Album

We had a great third year in Bali! Check out this album for a peek!

Thanks to Shin and Alistair for their beautiful photos.

Memories of 2010 Playpoi retreats: Alien Jon spins fire

2010 was a fun year for Playpoi retreats! Here is some recently rediscovered footage of Alien Jon spinning fire at retreats in Bali and Switzerland.

Introducing (not so) Secret Spinner Srikanta Barefoot!

Meet our good friend and Cirque du Soleil veteran Srikanta Barefoot! He's an amazing performer, artistic director, and teacher from Santa Cruz, CA.

We highly endorse his workshops, so if you're thinking about doing one, do. (this is especially true if you're hoping to develop yourself as a performer). Ad without further ado, we give you... Srikanta!

So long, Toronto! See you soon!

Nick and G had a great time in Toronto at the Intensive and Workshop Series!

Thanks to the Centre of Gravity, all the lovely spinners, and our awesome friends who came to visit!

If you missed it, no worries! Nick is returning in June for a beginner and intermediate poi workshop series.

Poi Events 2011

Toronto Workshops: We're happy to be offering two more eight-class poi courses in Toronto this January: Fundamentals of Poi and Beyond the Basics

Ottawa Workshops: There are also several spaces in the Ottawa Poi Workshops, Dec 11-12 (although we realize that's not actually 2011). Pavilion Poi Flowers

Bali Poi Retreat: Join us forpoi and yoga in Bali with Nick and G as the poi teachers and Banyan and Adrian as our Yoga teachers. This retreat will be a balance of poi and yoga, so it's for those who know they love yoga. 

Costa Rica Retreat: or come and be part of our poi and yoga retreat in Costa Rica with Nick and Chris Rovo as the poi teachers and Banyan as our yoga teacher. This retreat will be a balance of poi, more poi, yoga, beaches, and maybe some surprise hooping opportunities :) 

In a few months we will also announce summer and fall retreats, probably closer to Europe. Happy playing :)

Swiss Retreat 2010 Vlog

We've wrapped up our third annual Swiss Poi Retreat at the Balmeggberg! It was great fun -- spinning, sauna, and yummy organic food.

Check out our Swiss Poi Retreats album on Flickr for some beautiful photos, and check out our vlog from a day of training!

Fall 2010 Workshops and Retreats: Switzerland, Germany, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa

Did summer leave you wanting to learn more poi? Great! Below is a list of upcoming playpoi workshops and retreats with Nick Woolsey:

Aug 29 - Sept 2 Poi and Yoga Retreat Switzerland
Oct 4 - 7 Poi Workshops Frankfurt
Oct 9 - 10 Poi Workshops Halifax, Canada
Oct 15 - 17 Weekend Poi Intensive Toronto
Oct 18 - Dec 9 Poi Beginner Series Toronto
Oct 18 - Dec 9 Poi Beyond The Basics Series Toronto
Nov 12 - 14 Weekend Intensive Toronto
Nov 27 - 28 Weekend Workshops Montreal
Dec 11 - 12 Weekend Workshops Ottawa

Singapore Shenanigans

Nick, G, and Pali trekked to Singapore for a super secret project with the illustrious Karen. See the silliness, and get a behind-the-scenes look at what we've got in store.

Playpoi in Bali, 2010

2010 Bali Playpoi Retreats: Go!

The Great Poi Mapping Adventure Vlog #2.5: Big Rain!

Setting up Poi Headquarters in a lush tropical country can be interesting...

The next video in this series got promoted to inspiration status!  Find it in the inspiration section:  100% More Poi.