The Permaculture Poi Camp Vision!

Who likes the vision of a permanent permaculture poi camp? I call it… Poimeggberg! 🙂

Swiss Poi Retreat 2010 (Guest Post by Pali)

We just finished our 3rd annual Swiss Poi and Yoga Retreat!

The Great Poi Mapping Adventure Vlog #2.5: Big Rain!

Setting up Poi Headquarters in a lush tropical country can be interesting…

The Great Bali Poi Mapping Adventure #2: Poop Coffee! (and 100% more Ducks)

A little more poi mapping, and a lot more ducks!

Finding Tami’s Neverland (guest post by Pali)

After the Bali poi retreat, a bunch of us went to the Gilis…

The Future of Poi

Costa Rica has resulted in inspiration

New tutorial videos, and a general update

Whew… things… they just keep happening

Bali Fire Photos

Fire, and an infinity pool in Bali. That can’t possibly go badly.

Playing with Poi in Singapore

Our visa trip to Singapore turned into a whole lotta!