Jonathan Alvarez - Tips and Tricks #1 - The Gunslinger

Jonathan Alvarez just exploded my mind with poi skill, great instruction, character, panache, and all around video quality. Check him out.


Jay with Poi: Nice Example of Body Movement

Jay sent me a link to this video. It's a nice example of focusing on body movement and dance, and funky music too!


Threading the Needle Behind the Body

Learning to thread the needle behidn your body will teach you great control over your planes. This will make all your patterns with opposites and butterflies more beautiful and confident. 

Horizontal Flowers and CAPs

Learning to play with inspin and antispin on the horizontal plane will open a whole world of horizontal poi spinning. Enjoy!

Using Tables to Practice Horizontal Poi Spinning

Horizontal poi spinning looks way better if you can keep the poi spinning truly horizontal. Spinning over a table is a great way to learn!

Corkscrew, Helicoptering Between the Arms, and How to Develop Good Horizontal Technique

In this video we look at laying the groundwork for good horizontal spinning, and adding helicopters between the arms to the basic corkscrew. Get ready to master all things horizontal! 

Doing these Exercises Safely

Any exercise program has the potential to benefit your health, or to cause more harm! It all depends on whether you take a safe approach. Watch this video to learn the keys to healthy strengthening and conditioning for poi.

Warming Up for Poi and Flow Arts

A good warm up is possibly the single most important way to avoid injuries. In this video Sarah and Nick go through the basics of warming up for poi.

And here's the first of our example warmups: Nick's Walking Warmup!

Strengthening the Long Ranges for Poi and Flow Arts

Poi spinning tends to include a lot of reaching into extreme ranges, such as around the back, behind the head, etc. This can put the shoulders in a vulnerable position if the muscles aren't strong enough. In this video we show you how to do some simple strengthening exercises. 

Strengthening Outward Rotation for Poi and Flow Arts

Poi spinning tends to require a lot of inward rotation with the shoulders, and not much outward rotation. This can lead to an imbalance in the strength of stabilizing muscles, which in turn can make the shoulders vulnerable to injury. In this video we look at some exercises for strengthening outward rotation.

Learning to Keep Your Shoulders from Rising

It's generally best to let your shoulders stay relaxed and down when you raise your arms above your head, but many poi spinners practically hike their shoulders up to their ears when doing windmill and other high moves. Here we look at how and why to keep your shoulders in the sockets.

Yay! Flowlights with a full spectrum of colors!

All of you with Flowlights have been waiting for this! A flowlight with a full spectrum of colors! And remember, if you love Playpoi please note the image to the right :)

Pro-Series Fire Poi from

We just got the new Pro-Series Twista Fire Poi from Home of Poi, and we like them! Here's our review. 

These go with the Pro Series Chain Cords with single loop handles that we've been very happy with: Light weight and strong, exactly what we wanted the shops to come out with! They also come with wooden-ball-handles

Poi Ninja Station Idea #1: A Freestanding Wall

This is an example of an easy to build "poi ninja training station." Make one at home, or come join us in Costa Rica where we'll have this and many other stations set up. :)

Best Advanced Butterfly Video Ever by Ronan!

This is magic! Big hugs to Ronan and his special friend! :)