Capped Swoopty-Swoop Switchbacks (Opposite CAPs Switchbacking w/ 4-Petal Antispin/Extension)

I've been getting requests for something more advanced, so here we're looking at a pattern that uses several different skills together. It will take several videos to go over all the lead-up skills, and then I'll post a video showing how to put it all together. Enjoy!

Opening into Extended Whirling from Weaves and Windmills

Opening into extended whirling is fun. It's like flying. It's like having super powers. It's like... space bending. To do it well takes some practice and patience! Here's how...

Exiting Spiral Wraps

Getting into spiral wraps is one thing, exiting them well is another. The good news is that there's a trick that works for most people, Big thanks to Andy Hoenigschmid who showed me this trick at the Poi Studio years ago! :) :)

Wall Planes, Saloon Doors, and Orbing: Important Prerequisites for Lots of Poi Goodness!

Control of your planes is essential to a lot of great poi spinning patters. In this video we look at "Saloon Doors," an approach to gaining skill through a full range of motion around the axis of wall planes. This will be a prerequisite for several other poi patterns and explorations!

4X4 Fountain + a Special Way to Turn with the Weaves = A Beautiful Flow

In this poi lesson we look at how to turn with the weaves high on one side and low on the other, which creates a poi pattern that looks much like the 4X4 fountain. Flowing between these high-low weavs and the 4X4 results in a beautiful flow!

The Secret of Turning with Weaves with Controlled Planes

Learning to turn with the weaves is one thing, learning to control your planes as you turn is another. Here we look at the secrets of using rhythm to understand turns, and how a friendly wall can give silent advice! :)

The Best Video Yet on Learning the 4X4 Fountain: Now You Have No Excuses! :)

The 4x4 fountain is by far my favourite version of the fountain. If you don't know it you're missing out. This video is how I now teach it after ten years of teaching poi!

Getting Started with Poi Flowers

Poi flowers are great. They feel good, they look good, and they require you to develop skill with your planes and rhythm everywhere you can reach your arms. But  playing with flowers takes time! This video shows you how to get started.

Let's make sure Spark Circus has another great year!

Every year Spark Circus takes games and toys and playfulness to refugee children in Thailand. Many of my favourite poi spinners and good friends have participated! Join me in making sure they have another great year!

Spark Circus Fundraiser 2013-14 from Jeximé on Vimeo.

No-Beat Windmill, Milled 2-Beat Weaves, and other Tips for Mastering Mills

Mills are split-time same-direction patterns where the poi are crossing front to back of your body. If you want to play with mills with confidence and grace, it helps to learn to control rhythm and planes behind your body. In this video we start looking at how and why.

The Jedi Grip (AKA Palm Grip, AKA Butterfly Knot) and How to Use It!

Somehow it's taken me until now to make a video on how I use a single-loop handle, and possibly only because Jar Harman inspired me to do it with his own video. It's a great way to grip the poi but it does take practice, so maybe wait until you've learned the basics. Enjoy!

Six weeks of poi video goodness? With your enthusiasm, yes!

I've just arrived at a great location for making poi videos! I'll be here just under six weeks. I will make a LOT of poi videos while I'm here (including taking requests) IF I get a round of enthusiasm and poiticipation. Sound fun! I hope so! :D

The Art of Light by Riuchi

A super nice video by Riuchi pushing the arts of dance and cinematography. Enjoy!

The Art of light from riuchi on Vimeo.

Berlin Poi Riot

In Berlin I got to meet with the guys from Pyroterra/Light-Toys, the makers of the awesome Visual Poi. We went to a big squat (occupied building) to make a video... but shortly after we started rehearsing a riot broke out. So here's what we got! :)

Note: The Visual Poi are not cheap! They're hand made and designed for professional performers. If you happen to buy a pair or any other products, please let them know you learned about them through Playpoi! :)

Learning to Thread the Needle

Learning to thread the needle well is super important for dancing freely with poi, and it's easy to learn if you keep starting with your arms. Here's how. 

Note: Yes, I realize it's a little overexposed, but the special guests in the background were just too funny! :)